Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Controlled user generated content for The Oxo Factor

Many brands are very cautious of user generated content, however much they realise that they should encourage it. They want people to talk about them, but they want to control what they say. There are lots of good examples of positive homages to brands, but also lots really knocking them.

One way to deal with this is to have a competition following a strict script.

A good current example of this comes from Oxo in the UK, with their Oxo Factor promotion, timed to tie in with the TV show The X Factor.

Oxo want people to make an 'Oxo Family' style film with their own family members, but to control what what gets produced they've posted a short script that the action has to follow, but which is loose enough to allow lots of creative flair and variation.

Here's the script:

Our advert begins in the kitchen of a normal British family's home. Mum is chopping some dinner ingredients on the side while the kids…(Be creative here. What could the kids be doing to make your advert fun?)

LITTLE GIRL:What's for dinner?

MUM:Spag Bol / Beef Fajitas / Chilli con Carne / Shepherd's Pie.(Choose which of the four dishes you want to feature in your Advert.)

With that, Dad comes in from outside.

DAD:Cor, it's raining cats and dogs out there.
(There might be a way to show that it's raining cats and dogs that would make your ad funnier.)He gives Mum a kiss, before getting an Oxo cube out of a box on the side. He sprinkles it into the pan of food.

LITTLE BOY:What are you doing Dad?

DAD:I'm giving dinner "the Oxo Factor". A little sprinkling with this will give your Mum's Spag Bol / Beef Fajitas / Chilli con Carne / Shepherd's Pie loads of flavour.

Time passes and we see Mum put the plates of food on the table. Everyone's excited apart from the lad, who's sprinkling an Oxo cube on his sister's head while she's not looking. Mum spies his behaviour.

MUM:James, what are you doing?!

LITTLE BOY:Keeley's well boring. I'm just trying to give her The Oxo Factor…
They all laugh riotously at the pesky kid.We see a close up of one member of the family holding a box of Oxo cubes. Somewhere on the screen we see (this could be written on a piece of paper, on a T-Shirt, on your forehead, anywhere that gets attention.)

Here are three examples of what people have done with it:

Looks like it's inspiring people!

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