Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 MiFi mobile wifi router

Last night I was lucky enough to be the guest of 3Mobile at an event to introduce bloggers to their new MiFi mobile wifi router.

It's basically a phone, without the voice capabilities. So - small and phone shaped, but with no screen or voice capability, but as soon as it has connected to 3G, using the same coverage as a standard 3G phone, it becomes a portable wifi router, allowing up to 5 devices (iPod Touches, PSPs, laptops etc) to connect to fast mobile broadband. No software to install, nothing to download - you can be on the internet within about a minute of turning it on.

We put it through its paces last night, and it was fast. YouTube videos loaded quickly, twitter was fine, as was Facebook (the non-light version), and other sites too.

It costs between £70 and £100, depending on payment plans, and I expect that it'll do very well. It would be a perfect device for taking on holiday - I plan to test one in a remote cottage in a few weeks' time - and with IPod Touches now costing less than £150, the combination of the two (or even the MiFi and an Asus EEE) would be a pretty awesome travelling companion.

Thanks to the people at 3MobileBuzz for inviting me.

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