Friday, September 18, 2009

Axion Banner Concerts

Axion Banner Concerts was a very innovative campaign in Belgium for the youth bank Axion, part of Dexia.

The campaign streamed live gigs in banners, with the audience picking 25 bands who would play.

The banners to promote it look great - examples here and here - the mechanism of people climbing into banner spaces is very impactful.

Full info here, including these results:

"25 young bands got an exposure for their live-gig via 6.807.442 banner impressions on well know internet sites.

By providing an “embed”-option, we generated another 43.479 impressions via viral embeddings on fan pages and blogs. Some of these generated more than 20% clickthrough.

The campaign website attracted 44.845 unique visitors, 7.581 people voted for their favourite band (a majority voted by premium SMS instead of free web-vote"

Good work!

Thanks to Gianpaolo for the tip off!

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