Monday, April 12, 2010

iAd Examples

Update - page down to see the most recent examples

Presented by Steve Jobs last week.

Essentially he thinks that mobile ads don't work, that search isn't that big in mobile, and that ads should be in the apps. The video shows an example of how this could work for Nike. Neither Nike nor their agency were involved in creating the ads.

We'll see. Yes, I agree that apps are a huge part of the appeal of the web on mobile, but it'll be a pain if you can only advertise to a small percent of mobile phone users.

More info about iAds here, and an earlier video from the same presentation here

Update - & here's the Nissan Leaf iAd:

Update - Liberty Mutual iAd

Update - Sonos iAd

Update - Dove Men+Care iAd

Update - multiple executions in this video, including the Geiko iAd and the Campbell's iAd

Update - Renault Twizy iAd (UK versions - other languages available)

Update - Tron iPad iAd

Stella Artois iAd

Update - Klondike iAd (no video version)

Update - Campbell's Kitchen iAd (no video version)

Update - McDonald's Legend of McRib iAd (no video version)

Update - State Farm iAd (no video version)

Update - Geiko iAd (no video version)

Update - BMW iAd (no sensible video version)

Update - The Switch (movie) iAd (no video version)


Andie Moepse said...

"but it'll be a pain if you can only advertise to a small percent of mobile phone users."

LOL! A SMALL percent of mobile users??! By using OPEN standards that are being adapted more and more each day?? Wow... you really have your numbers (and hyperbole) down, don't you?? I hope you realize what an absolutely stupid, escapist statement that is. No idea what could possibly be a "pain" about that.

But feel free to simply moderate this away to hide the fact and not have to make sense of your own claims.

Dan said...

As I understand it the iAds will only work within apps on Apple's operating system, and that Apple will maintain a pretty strict control over them. For example there are rumours that clients will need to pay a very high entry price to use them.
Apple has substancial market share, but not larger then the combined users of Symbian and Android, not to mention the phones that aren't smartphones.
Thanks for your comment - but I stand by my statement.

christoph said...

Hi, I've created a howto which describes how to install an iAd I've made on your phone. Have a look here:

Unknown said...

Well, with android phones it's very easy to get back to your app or webpage if you click on a banner ad. You simply press the back button on your phone then VOILA! No big deal. I think it's just apple's scheme to make more money.

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