Monday, April 19, 2010

Three quotes about mobile apps

1 - From Saturday's Financial Times:

“The app is the new 99-cent single – for kids, it’s the new currency,” says Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, maker of a US music app that has been downloaded on to 13m iPhones.

The iPod Touch is fast becoming a major device for kids, and since many of the games are free to download or cost minimal amounts is a major threat to the Nintendo DS. There's a new iPhone coming out in the summer - what's the betting there'll be a new sort of iPad Touch too?

2 - From the Techcrunch comments via the brilliant Adverlab

"Apps are just (better) websites, because they don’t have to give a shit about SEO.

Remember when we used to have web pages that were for users, not spiders? f*cking keywords everywhere drives me bananas."

Apps are a neat answer to the question of who was going to type in lots of urls into a mobile phone. An app is like a bookmark.

3 - From Jim Stogdill on O'Reilly Radar

"You aren't buying a computer when you buy an iPad, you are buying a 16GB Walmart store shelf that fits on your lap - complete with all the supplier beat downs, slotting fees, and exclusive deals that go with it - and Apple got you to pay for the building."

Apps give Apple an incredibly high level of power in the mobile ecosystem. I'm just saying...

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