Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter ad examples for Starbucks and Bravo

Yesterday twitter introduced a new feature, Promoted Tweets - effectively search advertising.

How it works is this - when people search for certain terms they see an ad, or 'Promoted Tweet'. The ad is in the form of a tweet - so it must be 'tweetworthy' - i.e. of interest to other people.

The tweet appears at the top of the search results, and changes colour slightly as you mouse over it. You can re-tweet or reply, as with a normal tweet.

If the promoted tweet is not interacted with it will disappear, although Twitter don't say anything about what interaction rate you need. In my examples below Starbucks has been re-tweeted 80 times and Bravo 6 times.

I also don't know the costs involved, but I hope to soon. I can imagine this being an essential part of the plan for major entertainment launches, new film trailers and so on.

Here's the example for Starbucks

(& also if you search for 'coffee')

& for Bravo

A few thoughts:

1 - It's good that it's a single ad, in terms of cutting down clutter, but if they're selling terms like 'coffee' then there will be lots of competiton for terms like movie, trailer, tickets, flight, hotel, single, album, London, New York... Kerching for Twitter.

2 - Neither Bravo nor Starbucks have tweeted all that much remarkable today - Starbucks tweet is just a pic of a coffee tasting room, and Bravo's is news on a web chat. Big deal.

3 - This will be huge once people have spent some time experimenting with different content etc.

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