Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Instapaper is going to change my life

Instapaper is a service that converts online book marks into documents for portable readers.

Bookmark a story or article, in the way that you would with Delicious, and it will save it to your account. (The bookmark is stunningly easy to use - just register, and then drag it to your browser bar)

When you connect your reader (iPhone, Kindle, iPad etc), it transfers the content to the app, and is ready to you to read on the go.

There are even a couple of sites - Longform and GiveMeSomethingToRead to give you recommended articles.

Or you could use the new service Newspaper Club (when it launches) to make a small run of newspapers of your favourite articles to read on the go or give to friends. Imagine your own personal version of The Week.

But seriously, Instapaper is going to change my life.

1 comment:

charlie gower said...

holy pajama party i think you're right. I heard it was good but hadn't got around to checking it out. i need that big time.

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