Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's a Unicorn...

I wrote about this new project from Philips (one of my agency's clients) a couple of weeks ago: Philips has commissioned 5 film makers to each make a short film, under the banner of Parallel Lines, using the same lines of dialogue. The films are now ready, and can be seen here on the Philips site, or alternatively on YouTube.

The Philips site doesn't allow deep linking to the films, so here are YouTube links to the individual films. I'm also not going to embed them, as they really need full screen to be enjoyed properly. (On YouTube all of the films are shown on Philips ambilight TVs, which is a nice touch)

The Gift is a sci-fi film, set in Russia, Dark Room is all about watching and voyeurism, El Secreto de Mateo is about a simple deception, The Hunt is about a hunting trip that goes wrong, and Jun and the Hidden Skies is an animation about two kids and a home made spaceship.

The script is simple - just 6 lines:

What is that?
It’s a unicorn.

Never seen one up close before


Get away, get away

I’m Sorry

It's fun to see how these get fitted into each film. Finally there's a competition to make a 6th film.

Have a look!

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