Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nike Grid

Nike Grid is a very clever and ambitious attempt to host an urban game in London.

Nike have selected public phone boxes across 40 post codes in London (e.g. WC1, SW4, E17 etc). Registered players have to get between them in their post code in the fastest time, dialling a number and a PIN code in each to prove that they were there. The fastest player in each post code wins, as far as I can tell.

No word on what the prizes will be yet, but as with Foursquare (and pub quizzes) the bigger the prize, the greater the likelyhood of cheating.

(The Ts and Cs specifically forbid you to share your PIN, but if you had multiple people with the same PIN you could log in at the phone boxes in no time...)

Well done Nike. They are also currently running this 'True Cities' location-based activity in several cities.


charlie gower said...

do you know who designed it?

Dan said...

No - there's a bit more here, but it doesn't say who designed it:

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

W+K London / AKQA London / Mindshare UK

Dan said...

Thank you anonymous commenter!

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