Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 million views in 12 days

The success of the new Nike World Cup ad is extraordinary. Sor far over 10 million views in 12 days, and still growing by about 500,000 views a day. & that's before the World Cup has even begun. Nike aren't even an official World Cup sponsor, but they've created a major talking point around the event.

The ad itself is amazing; directed by the man who directed Amores Perros and Babel, it weaves multiple stories together to great effect.

What's also great is how well it's been managed online. It features so many different people and ideas, and pretty much all of these are included in the tags for the video, to help fans of Roger Federer, for example, to find it:

Nike commercial Nike Football commercial Nike TV advert Nike Football TV advert Nike ad Nike Football ad Nike TV ad Nike Football TV ad Nike Football Write The Future Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Homer Simpson Didier Drogba Fabio Cannavaro Wayne Rooney Theo Walcott Franck Ribéry Nike Elite Series Landon Donavan Ronaldinho Tim Howard Sir Wayne Rooney Cesc Fabregas Roger Federer Gael Garcia Bernal European Final ad Alejandro González Iñárritu

(Love the 'Sir Wayne Rooney'; notice also that they're not using the words 'World' and 'Cup')

The ad also lends itself to having lots of 'extras'. Nike have uploaded multiple scenes and additional material to add to the effect of the original - for example this video of Roger Federer talking about playing table tennis with Sir Wayne Rooney.

They've also left it open for fans to upload clips themselves - for example there is no extra footage of Homer Simpson with Cristiano Ronaldo, but there are lots of individual uploads of the 5 second Homer clip - see here.

Really, really well done.

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