Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook Search highlights privacy issues

Facebook Search is a new tool developed by Will Moffat and Peter Burns.

It lets users search through the 'public' status updates made by Facebook users. As an example it defaults to 'playing hooky', and also links to searches for other embarrassing phrases like 'Stupid Boss'.

Like Please Rob Me, it's an attempt to educate people about Facebook privacy issues - issues that the recent F8 updates have increased. Did you know for example that if you 'Like' something on another site like IMDB that site owner can post into your news feed?

See the pic below from the Webtrends blog.

It's possibly a sign that the world is turning against Facebook. Remember when people started dropping MySpace for Facebook? MySpace kept their heads in the sand then. Facebook can't afford to do so now.

Facebook Search also suggests how you can avoid your data being publically searchable; their top suggestion is 'Delete Your Facebook Account'

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