Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SATC2 competition on ThisNext

One of the biggest opportunities for brands these days is to partner with new companies and technologies to spread their messages and content into new arenas.

There are lots of examples of this - for example the promotion on Eventful for Paranormal Activity.

Another is the new competition on the social shopping site ThisNext for the film Sex And The City 2.

ThisNext is a social shopping site - members share what they are buying or have found with friends, creating lists of products around a theme, for example Chic Mothers Day Gifts. Members can recommend other products and lists, gain the respect of others, see what new items are trending and so on. Quite a few brands are already integrated into the community, for example Urban Outfitters, KidRobot and MoMA.

You can even see a live map of what members are buying.

For the SATC2 competition ThisNext members need to collate a set of 10 accessories that the four main characters would love, and tag them to a character - for example TN Carrie. (These are the matches so far for the tag TN Carrie.)

This is a really good way to engage with people who would definitely be in the target audience for the film. Yes, I'm sure they'd all be aware of it already, but it's a fun way to get them to talk about it and work with the community.

The only thing that lets it down is the pretty rubbish prize - a $40 gift card for the HBO SATC store. Why not offer a 'real' prize like a chance to see the film early, or your choice of $500 worth of items tagged to any of the characters?

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