Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arctic Monkeys web transmission tonight at 9pm

Interesting way to launch an album: To promote the new album Humbug the Arctic Monkeys will be performing live online (more than one song, I'm assuming) here at 9pm UK time.

Here's a trailer:

In a bit of good, old fashioned media planning - i.e. taking the content to where the audience is, not expecting them to come to you - you can also see the transmission on some major music sites - The Guardian music section, the NME, and DrownedInSound.

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S said...

Nice, that's a really good idea. Being creative with online video is one of the best ways to go for social media marketing these days, IMO. I've personally found putting fun videos on YouTube, Vimeo, AdWido, and so on pretty effective, and it's good to see one of my favorite bands being smart about this.

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