Monday, July 27, 2009

What's happening at Ravenhill Hospital?

I've written about the BBC series Psychoville before, and as it reaches the end of its run (last episode this Thursday) I wanted to spend more time looking at the web presence that went with the series. I'm so pleased that the show has been so good - I think it's been easily the best TV I've seen this year.

The online element came in the form of emails with riddles to solve. Each week a new email question has appeared on the official site the day after the episode, which viewers have to try to answer by searching the web, turning up some ingenious microsites in the process. Each week the questions got harder.

Week 1 - Want your secret kept hidden? Then answer me this: Who was Robert’s co-star in “Whore White and the Seven Dicks”? Biggins Panto company would be a good place to start.

Week 2 - I still know what you did. To buy my silence for another week you must find out something about the rare commodity Oscar Lomax seeks: what is Snappy the Crocodile's serial number?

Week 3 - Want your secret kept secret for another week? Then answer me this: What’s the name of the Manchester hospital where Mr Jelly lost his hand? You may have to look into his past to find out.

Week 4 - If you want my lips sealed for another week, then answer me this: Who was the name of Victor Perez's first victim? It's a murder mystery. [hint - Really hard, this one. David Sowerbutts may have the answer...]

Week 5 - If you want me to keep mum about your little secret for another week then you must tell when Freddy Fruitcake’s birthday is?

Week 6 - You have been very helpful but this is where we part ways. I’m preparing a special gathering for my friends in their old home and you are not invited. Do not attempt to follow me. [no clue as such, but the Ravenhill Hospital logo had appeared at the bottom of the page]

I'm so impressed with how well they've done this. The riddles have been really challenging at times, and have revealed about 10 different microsites rammed with extra material, plus YouTube channels and at least one Facebook page.

Update - 29th July - the case notes on each of the patients have how been uploaded:

Robert Greenspan "I decided to dress the little dwarf up as a spider today. Don't ask me why, it just made me laugh."
Joy Aston "Spent three hours talking with patient this afternoon using only the word 'Paul'. Broke her in the end."
David Sowerbutts "It's got a decent singing voice. Heard him in the bath singing 'I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Mis. I'm no Simon Cowell, but while I disagreed with his song choice I'd certainly put him through to Boot Camp."
Oscar Lomax "Specimen freaked out this morning when a repeat of Hancock's Half Hour came on the radio. Staged a dirty protest until radio was switched off. 'He betrayed him, betrayed Sid!' Have placed an order for the Hancock box-set. I feel another experiment coming on!"

Or as text
Brilliant stuff.

Update - 30th July - the CCTV cameras are now live. Make sure you listen to the audio. Sounds like a bit of a 'Murder on the Orient Express' thing is going on...

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Anonymous said...

Have you refreshed the page on the Ravenhill website?
Check out the cctv...

Dan said...

Doesn't seem to work for me - tried it in Chrome, Firefox and IE...

Is the ghost of Nurse Kenchington on the prowl?

Anonymous said...

the cctv changes and both cameras show the same picture but there is nothing strange

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