Friday, July 24, 2009

Twitter 101 & business case studies

Twitter have just produced this '101 Guide' for businesses on how to use the site. You can even download a set of slides to use to explainn what twitter is and how it works.

It includes 10 case studies of companies who have used it well, including Dell, JetBlue, Etsy, American Apparel, and Pepsi.

Here's an extract from the Etsy one:

"In Etsy’s experience, a company that constantly seeks to build community and, “voraciously” learn from its users will find that Twitter is, “amazing in the way it harnesses the collective brains of so many people.” For example, Anda recently tapped into the community to come up with helpful tips for craft fair season.

According to Anda, “The best Twitter experiences are when you ask a winning question and get hundreds of captivating replies. It's a super fast way to get info you'd spend hours searching for... and it's valuable info as well.” Besides sourcing tips and tricks, Anda uses Twitter to discover users’ favorite Etsy items, design blogs, and projects. She also uses it as a tool for impromptu surveys and feedback (including feedback on how she can make the Etsy Twitter feed more valuable to followers).

@Etsy has also realized that great content on Twitter has the opportunity to reach new users who were previously unaware of Etsy’s website. Anda often tweets about particularly unique and creative handmade items that Etsy sellers have listed. The coolest items are subsequently “retweeted” by @Etsy followers, exposing a broader audience to the handiwork of Etsy sellers."

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