Friday, July 31, 2009

Profiling brands' twitter followers with twittersheep

Twittersheep is a site that lets you see the profile of your followers based on how they describe themselves in their bios.

Like everyone else I started by look at the profile of my own followers - I'm @DanCall - and saw that the dominant words were digital, media & social (see above). Pretty accurate, I'd guess; most of the people that follow me would be interested in those sorts of things.

This got me thinking that you could use it to profile the followers of brands on twitter.

Quick caveat - I'm not sure how many of the followers' profiles twittersheep scrapes through, but it seems unlikely that it is all of them. Bios are self-defined, so you can describe yourself in any way that you want. Also, according to stats, only 24% of twitter users have filled in their biographical details. For the sake of getting meaningful results I've ignored words like 'I'm', 'love', and 'like'. Interestingly most high follower accounts, like @aplusk or even @etsy don't really produce any coherent or interesting results.

You do get some interesting results though - here are the top 3 words for some major brands, chosen pretty much at random:

Ebay - online business marketing
Amazon - marketing online web

Pepsi - media music life
Coca Cola - life all happy
Innocent Drinks - marketing media design

Publishing / media
Bloomsbury Books - writer author book
Wired - marketing music media

Kodak - social media marketing

NakedPizza (based in New Orleans) - new marketing orleans

American Apparel - music fashion life

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