Friday, July 10, 2009

Review, Respond, Record, Redirect

This idea comes from this excellent presentation from Adam Brown of Coca Cola on how they view social media:

From chart 12:
what the social media community is talking about with strong, coordinated monitoring programs. Take ideas for community participation and video vignettes from them
to the comments, posts and other chatter with accurate information on the Company and our initiatives with full transparency and disclosure and an approachable style
short video vignettes that respond to the conversation with “purposeful entertainment” that educates and informs in an entertaining fashion that isn’t too slick
Online community members to the videos and other social media content, using both search engine optimization/marketing as well as online conversation “cross-pollenization” to improve search rankings and assist others in discovering the relevant content

See also - "I was selling the idea that social media was free..."

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