Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Killed Ideas

I've been sent a new book, Killed Ideas Volume 1, to review, by the good people at Blurb.

Killed Ideas is a collection of ad and design ideas that never made it through the approval process. In some cases it's obvious why - many of the product ideas are a bit '30 second slot on Dragons Den' - but some of the ad ideas are quite neat. It's curated by Steve Hall at Adrants.

You can see them online at the site here (but sadly you can't deep link to individual ideas).

Have a look at the Garage Sale Application (map a driving route so that you go past any garage sales).

Or there's the Nike Fight Song Challenge, which tried to get American Football Fans to take part in a mass conference call. Each set of fans would call a different number during half time, then turn their phones onto the loudest setting as the recording at the other end played their team song. I'd like to see that!

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