Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tom Has 100m Friends

Today MySpace hit a major milestone - 100m members.

Every joiner to MySpace gets Tom as their first friend - Tom Anderson, one of the founders.

This means that the number of friends Tom has is also the number of members MySpace has.

MySpace was founded in July 2003, and hit it's last major milestone of 90m members at about the start of July 2006, so the last 10m has taken just over a month to recruit.

Of course this does not mean people - members are also bands, films, and other brands trying to connect with teens and young adults.

Also, crucially, this still includes profiles that have been deleted - that is if a profile is deleted - say no. 15,552,437 - that number does not get re-allocated to a new joiner.

Today at 8.38 PST, Tom hit the magic 100 million mark of all-time friends.

Who was the 100 millionth friend? Apparently (see the comment below) the profile's already been deleted, but this one is no 100,000,002, and that's about as close as it gets. This woman is no 99,999,996.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...
Looks like it's already been deleted.

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