Friday, January 29, 2016

Twitter Trends

Today #KanyeAnalPlaylist was trending on Twitter.  This helps to explain why

This sums up for me what is simultaneously the best and worst thing about Twitter.

The best - it's funny, irreverent, unpredictable, and gives me things I can't find anywhere else

The Worst - I can think of lots of people who wouldn't find this funny, and would see it as conforming for them that Twitter isn't a site for them, and isn't a site they need to take seriously.

It often amuses me that Facebook's trends are what was trending on Twitter 24 hours earlier - Amber Rose is trending now, but her tweet was from 2 days ago - but maybe they're moderated and I'mpretty sure they're less prone to attacks of the crazies like this.

With twitter's share price looking like a ski slope, I hope that it can stay as irreverent and funny as ever, but be successful as a business.

(But to be fair, Twitter has turned the trend into a Moment)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tesco's Sponsored Twitter Moment

I really like Moments, the new collated, curated Tweets feature.  I try to read them every day, and it's a great way of seeing some of the best of recent news and activity.

This is the first Sponsored Moment I've seen, from Tesco, promoting their new Feel Good Cookbook

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Califia Farms on Instagram

I know I need to update this more often.  Working on it!  In the meantime, I love the creativity in this:

A video posted by Califia Farms (@califiafarms) on

Friday, January 15, 2016

Visualising sugar content in food with the Sugar Smart app

Sugar Smart is a new app from the NHS's Change4Life campaign.

It's available on iOS and Android, and when you scan the bar codes of popular UK food items, it access the official nutrition information and tells you the suger content, expressed as sugar cubes.

It's a fun app to play with the super market.  This is the score for a 2 pack of Gu -

I knew Gu would lave a lot of sugar in it, but I didn't know Muller yogurts had so much.

I was also surprised by the content of some cereals that I'd previously seen as healthy.

(Numbers are generally shown for the complete pack, for 100g, and for a 'serving)

Yes, this data is all available on the label, but this gives you a much easier way of visualising what the table of nutritional numbers actually means.
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