Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kung Fu Panda's Facebook Parade

This is a nice idea:

To promote the release of the second Kung Fu Panda film in June this year, the marketers have created a Facebook Parade.

Access the app here, allow it access to your Facebook, choose your own character, and then it creates a parade using your friends' profile pictures.  You can then take a photo of your parade and post it to Facebook.  So far nearly 700,000 parades have been created.

It's nicely done, but clearly 'inspired' by the Twitter Parade that was created a couple of years ago.  (IS Parade itself is closing on 29th April.  According to the site, nearly 15m parades were created)

More background here

Domino's Pizza & QR codes

Domino's Pizza have started to use QR codes - I had the following flyer pushed through my letterbox at the weekend:

If you read the code on your phone you get sent to the page to download the Domino's mobile app; from there you can order it easily.

Domino's have often been leaders in technology - they sponsored The Simpsons on TV in the early days of TV sponsorship, they do lots of Facebook, they have a very successful mobile app, and they actively use Foursquare.

The problems that have always hindered QR code adoption in this country are now receding.  According to comScore nearly 60% of men 25-34 in the UK now have a smartphone, and most are capable of reading QR codes although many require you to download a special app.

I think that this is one (more) sign that QR codes are finally going mainstream in the UK.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Next Generation Media Quarterly - April 2011

Here's another instalment of my quarterly presentations, looking at key stats and examples from the last 3 months.  Many of the examples will be familiar with regular readers - for example Heinz Ketchup on Facebook, and the inspirational Jack Draws Anything!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Pleasure Hunt is a new game to promote Magnum ice cream.  Explore sites, grabbing chocolates as you go.

See screen grabs below:

My only (slight) criticism is that they're not real sites, as they were with the (slightly) similar Orange Balloonacy but Magnum have done a very good job.

Also, I loved how it reminded me of this Carling Black Label TV ad from the 1980s:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pulp People

Pulp have created this site to publicise their (temporary) reformation.  It's a collection of covers, and it serves to show what a great collection of songs they have.

I could spend hours (ok, minutes) listening to all the different versions.  Fans can share on Facebook and Twitter, and I think the makers of the most liked or shared videos will win something.

I think it's great that they've populated it with lots of videos that already exist, rather than trying to generate some with a competitions.

Anyway, here's a pretty decent version of Sorted for E's and Wizz

In other band site news, people are increasingly using Tumblr, for example:

Beastie Boys

Britney Spears

Monday, April 11, 2011

YouTube microsite for Hop

This is just one example of how much more flexible a platform YouTube is becoming.

Universal pictures have set up this page for the film Hop, featuring the trailer, downloads, and a section where you can record your own song.  It's effectively a microsite, but on YouTube.

(Why they've chosen to use the URL youtube.com/universalpicturesUK rather than /HopMovieUK is anyone's guess, but it means that it'll probably cease to exist in a few weeks).

Have a look around while you can.

Friday, April 08, 2011

3D projection mapping examples

Over the past couple of years we've seen a lot of marketing stunts where people have porojected moving images onto buildings.

I've decided to collect some the the best into one post.

Please let me know any good ones I've missed out!  (I'm @dancall on twitter)


Hyundai Accent

Nokia Angry Birds

Hot Wheels


The Tourist film

Ralph Lauren


Johnny Walker

AC/DC & Iron Man


Toyota Auris Hybrid - projection onto a car

Coca Cola

Bombay Sapphire projected onto Battersea Power Station

Bombay Sapphire 4D 'Infused with Imagination' from Drive Productions on Vimeo.

Bacardi real time party pic projection

Saks Fifth Avenue

Nokia Lumia 800, with deadmau5

EE at Battersea Power Station

EE projection mapping, Battersea from Wolff Olins on Vimeo.

Plus three projected onto ambient or natural objects

Watchmen - projected onto a wall of water

Carsberg - projected onto the white cliffs of Dover

Jordan Melo - projected onto jets of water

Plus others that are more studio-based

Puma L.I.F.T. (Via EtAlly on the comments)

Vodafone - Evolution of Mobile

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Two YouTube takeover examples - Schick Hydro and Desperados

Two good examples.

Neither work embedded (that's the point) but here's:

Schick Hydro


(Desperados includes an alcohol Legal Drinking Age filter, which I haven't seen done before)

Compare the Meerkat brand ambassador

A new strategy from CompareTheMeerkat / CompareTheMarket - become a brand ambassador for them.

The job spec is pretty unclear, but applicants will earn £40,000 for a 6 month contract.

Apply here and here.

Applications close on the 20th April, a shortlist will be produced by the 6th May, and the successful applicant will be announced on the 20th May.

It's pretty clever, and clearly designed to generate as much buzz as possible.  The application process will allow them to see which applicants have the largest networks that they can feed into, on Twitter and YouTube.

It borrows pretty heavily from other recent stunts / campaigns for Tourism Queensland, Charlie Sheen / Internships.com, and even Green & Black's

With these, Tourism Queensland seem to be the only one who have actually capitalised on the position more than creating hype around the application process.  (Anyone know how the Tasting Assistant is getting on at Green & Black's?)

Let's see how it pans out for the Meerkat!

Update - here is the announcement of the winner, back in May.  Has anyone noticed the ambassador in his role..?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Let's do the whole album on YouTube

As video production costs fall - & distribution costs fall to zero - it's more practical for bands to make videos of their entire albums, and put them up on YouTube and similar.

Two recent examples:

REM, who are curating an entire exhibition around their album Collapse Into Now.

Here's Aaron Johnson dancing around Spitalfields for the track UBerlin, directed by his wife Sam Taylor-Wood

& It Happened Today, directed by Tom Gilroy

& here are two of the films made for tracks on PJ Harvey's album Let England Shake, directed by Seamus Murphy

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