Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Launch Site for Sony PSP

New US site for PSP, Sony's all singing, all dancing, propspective iPod killer and final nail in the coffin of the Gameboy.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Dyson Ball Game

Almost like an old school Galaxian or something...

Looks easy, but is very hard. To promote the new 'Ball' vacuum cleaner

e-Park - SMS Parking Payment System

A new pilot scheme in Antwerp

As they put it themselves:

Caught in the rain - digging for change...Here is your ticket to the world's easiest and most convenient parking payment system. No more hassles with ticket dispensers, broken parking meters or finding change. No more worry about parking tickets, because your parking time ran out. It only takes a bit of time to register and then you can enjoy the convenience of hassle free parking with your mobile phone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yahoo Tech Buzz Game

Yahoo have hit on a good way to promote their new Buzz Index - the Tech Buzz Game.

The Buzz Index is a score of how many searches a particular term gets on Yahoo over time - which acts as an indicator of things coming into, and going out of fashion. It's just like Google's Zeitgeist, but updated more regularly.

When you sign up to the game you have to predict which trends will soon become more popular, and bet virtual money on it.

For example:

- You're bullish on podcasting; you buy shares of PODCAST stock
- Britney announces her next single will be delivered exclusively via podcast
- Curious tweens everywhere flood Yahoo! with searches about podcasting
- Your shares skyrocket; you make a bundle

Obviously very similar to Celebdaq and Popex but a great idea to promote the Buzz index. For the record I think that the iPod still has a lot of life left in it...

Personalisable Ad

Great example of a personalisable ad - send a unique message by email:

Type in your details, a friend's details, and a message, and it gets incorporated into the short film, which is emailed off.

Via Adverblog

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Movies & Videos - Napoleon Vs Fender

Fox use this site to promote their new film Robots (from the makers of IceAge) and the DVD of Napoleon Dynamite. It's clever to tie together a dance sequence from a new film into one from an already successful cult film from the same stable, but having seen IceAge, I do wonder whether the target audiences are too different.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Classic Fake Site Example - National Job Rejection Database

National Job Rejection Database Posted by Hello

Very good fake site - the National Job Rejection Database. Initially convincing - well done on getting the gov.org.uk URL - although closer examination shows that it's -gov.org.uk which must have been a lot easier to organise.

A very nice piece of work for the UK Central Office of Information.

Produced by Mook

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yahoo! Is! Now! Ten! Years! Old!

Yahoo Ten Years Posted by Hello

It seems like only yesterday etc...

Lovely little retrospective here

I've just noticed that they call it a 'Netrospective'... Take a way a few cool points for that!
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