Thursday, November 26, 2015

Snapchat sponsored lenses for the Peanuts movie

Lots of fun - these apparently were available in the US for the opening weekend of the film.

It's pretty hard to measure what impact these would have on ticket sales, but they're going to spread the word about the film!

More here

Friday, November 20, 2015

Using Snapchat for location-targeting

There's a great example of location-based targeting in AdAge, showing how P&G used it to promote a special Star Wars edition of its CoverGirl cosmetics, only sold in Ultra stores in the US.

P&G created special filters for photos that could only be used near the stores, and was able to track sales by missing out some stores so that they could test (potentially) exposed and unexposed shoppers.  No results are published, but it's a great illustration of what can be done.

"Snapchat offered something else that made it attractive to P&G: geo-targeting. P&G was able to set up geofilters around a majority of the 868 Ulta stores across the country stocking the Star Wars line. When people went to post a photo or video to Snapchat within a certain proximity to the stores, they could place a branded overlay, or filter, atop the post so that anyone they shared it with through Snapchat would see the cosmetics line as well as CoverGirl's and Ulta's branding.


For the CoverGirl campaign, P&G received three statistics from Snapchat: 1) how many views its ads received 2) how many times people used the branded filter and 3) how many times people swiped over to see its branded filter when posting to Snapchat vs. the number of times people actually used it, which Mr. Rose described as akin to the ad's engagement rate.

In order to correlate those numbers with in-store sales, P&G had to isolate a few things. It limited its campaign to Snapchat only and didn't run those ads around every Ulta store in order to create a control group. And the campaign only featured two versions of the creative, one for each of the collection's two product lines. As a result, P&G was able to cross-reference sales between the stores it advertised and the ones it didn't and could drill down to see how many more sales of which of the collection's two product lines the geo-filtered stores generated, which could then be attributed to the Snapchat campaign."

I think that Snapchat is one of the most distinctive new channels to emerge in recent years - like Twitter and Instagram it's unlikely to be mistaken for anything else, and it has its dedicated fans.

Full story here

Brands using Twitter's ScratchReel

ScratchReel is a new image format only available on Twitter, which allows you to go more forward or rewind the video

Twitter showed it off here:

Sadly it doesn't work embedded into Blogger, but have a play with these ones -

Ford Italia



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie

Patti LaBelle is not marketing her own Sweet Potato Pie in Walmart, and apparently it's a smash hit, thanks in part to YouTube Vloggers like this guy.  Apparently they were selling at a rate of approx 1 a second over the last weekend.

(2m views in a week)

Full story here

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ona Tousun Côté Foot's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Football Game

Ona Tousun Côté Foot, a football community created by Credit Agricole, the French financial cooperative, who is a sponsor of Euro 2016, has done a lovely little 'choose your own adventure' thing on Twitter, using football vines.

This is the first tweet - you reply with either #Pass or #Run

(Sadly the vines don't seem to work embedded - see it here)

I replied #Run and got this Tweet & vine back:

I then decided to #Dribble - I wasn't going to share the ball - but then got this Tweet and vine back:


What a fun little thing!  Clearly pretty easy to set up, but what a great idea.  If you get all the way through you get a chance to win Euro 2016 tickets.

Play it yourself by starting here

Friday, November 13, 2015

360-Degree Video Ads on Facebook

Just launched - these are fun!

This year, step out from behind the camera and join in the moments going on all around you. They're the memories that'll last a lifetime.
Posted by Ritz Crackers on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

"Facebook is starting to test 360-degree video ads with a handful of brands including AT&T, Samsung and Nestle, all of which can be seen below. Facebook officially introduced the virtual reality-lite video format on its desktop site and Android apps in September, and the social network is now bringing 360-degree videos -- and ads -- to Apple's iPhones and iPads.
In addition to the brands advertising 360-degree videos on Facebook, publishers including ABC News, BuzzFeed and Nickelodeon have begun posting all-angle videos to the social network, which can also be watched using Samsung's Gear VR virtual-reality headset.
And to attract more 360-degree videos to its service, Facebook has added a way for anyone operating a Facebook page to post 360-degree videos, including a way to edit the initial camera angle and vertical field of view before uploading the video. The company has also created a dedicated site for creators, publishers and brands to learn more about producing 360-degree videos."

More examples here

Friday, November 06, 2015

John Lewis - #ManOnTheMoon

As regular as clockwork, the new John Lewis Christmas ad has come out, the day after bonfire night

The message is 'show someone they're loved this Christmas', with Aurora singing Oasis' Half A World Away, which was also the theme tune to the TV show The Royle Family

It should be a very Merry Christmas for Noel Gallagher)

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Oreo #Wonderfilled

Very entertaining videos





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