Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Gray In My Day

As I was walking near Liverpool Street today I found a new gallery, run by the artist Roger Malloy.

Roger has renovated a building and turned it into a gallery selling his photos and other work by other artists. It's great because it is just a few rooms with photos and larger prints stuck to the wall. I bought a couple of the photos, and he just pulled them off the wall and gave them to me.

Please visit his site, No Gray in My Day, and buy some of his work. This site is another example of something simple but effective, and here's hoping that the gallery goes from strength to strength.

Meindl Boots

A lot of the examples on this site are of very flashy websites which really innovate. However companies don't need to innovate, they just need to provide clear information.

Which is why I like this very clear and comprehensive site for Meindl, a company in Germany that makes walking boots (& yes, I have just bought some).

I like the common sense approach, the sections on the company history and philosophy, how to care for your boots, and the FAQs.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gorilla Variations

Like most people I know I really love the new viral film for Cadbury's Dairy Milk - the one where the gorilla drums to 'In The Air Tonight'

However two weeks since I first saw it it is really showing how inspired it was, as you can see from these versions that other people have made:

So here is the same film in different forms:

Bonnie Tyler

Deep Purple

50 Cent

X-Factor Audition

Toy Version

Thursday, September 06, 2007

RAC Great Car Cover Up

Here is a really great bit of work from glue London, one of Isobar's agencies:

"glue London have launched an online viral to raise awareness of RAC’s Car Data Check product which now costs only £5. which is running until 4th October, gives consumers the chance to win one of three mystery cars - a stunning convertible worth tens of thousands of pounds, a guaranteed head turner or a complete dud. But which is which? The website provides footage of the three cars that have their identities concealed. They have been filmed in a secret London location, and users are asked to text their choice of car A, B or C for just £1, of which all the profits from the competition will go to the road safety charity, Brake. The winners of each car will be chosen at random and asked to pick up their car at the Grand Reveal which will be filmed on the 17th October and shown on the website.

Users are able to view the three mystery cars by looking at three different camera angles and they are also able to view Mike the security guard keeping an eye over the cars. The website offers consumers a free bonus entry into the prize draw if they send on the competition details to their friends, as well as a car popularity graph so that they can see which car is receiving the most votes."

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