Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New adidas Impossible Is Nothing Campaign - 30 Second Films

The 15" films have now come down - here is the first of the 30s - David Beckham:

& also a 5 minute montage of all the athletes:

Shaun The Sheep

I saw the first two episodes of Shaun The Sheep last night (recorded from Monday), and I really loved them. Classic kids TV - effectively silent movies about sheep, with all of the inventiveness of Wallace & Gromit. & being silent, they're going to be incredibly easy for kids to enjoy at all ages and in all languages.

They're on BBC1 at 3.45 every day - set your Sky Plus! It would also be a great idea for the BBC to repoeat them as fillers in prime time too - they're good enough.

Friday, March 02, 2007

New adidas Impossible Is Nothing Campaign

We're currently seeding these short teaser videos for the new adidas IIN campaign.

They feature successful sports stars talking about overcoming adversity.

Update - Beckham film added

Lionel Messi

Jonah Lomu

Gilbert Arenas

Alyson Felix

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