Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pimp My Gran - for Capri Sun


Nice names - Mrs Elliot, Hip Op, Big Smalls and P Biddy

Come on guys - how could you miss Notorious OAP?

New T-Mobile Game by Glue

The Flext Challenge

Orbit - Friends of Bright

Very strange! Site here

Info here

Two Great Video Examples

Two great video examples that are new to me, but not new-new.

Mortal Kombat Dance - created by an agency to promote the game

Safety Dance BK - commissioned by Burger King's agency in the US, and made by The Fine Bros - Apparently the agency found the Fine Bros through other stuff they'd made, and then gave them licence (and masks) to make what they wanted for BK.

Other films made by Ravenstake are here, including 2 others for BK

New Viral for Vespa - The Kama Scooter

To celebrate 60 years of the Vespa LX - models in different sexual positions, on a Vespa

See it here

Not as risque as it might have been...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Product Demo Examples - PSP and Sky+

Here are a couple of examples I found for colleagues who wanted to show how you could demonstrate products and capabilities online:

PSP - Click on the link to interact

Sky+ - Click on the 'try this feature' buttons

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Recipe Search in Google Base

Search by main ingredients, course, cuisine, and cooking time.




The heights to which the level of political debate in the UK have risen... A site by Labour ridiculing David Cameron.

It even accuses him of flip-flopping - an obvious steal from the Bush 2004 campaign.

See the site and video here

Plus - Labour are buying keywords to support the site - e.g.

David Cameron


Even Conservatives

Update (28th April)

A knocking version of the same film has appeared on the BackingBlair website. It's the same film, with additional commentary, positing that Mr Tony Blair is also guilty of many of the charges aimed at Dave...

See it here

Foodoku Sandwich Game for Hellmann's

New game for Hellmann's mayonaise - a variant on Sudoku

Plus - win £10,000 by submitting a sandwich recipe

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Amazon Wire - Amazon's New Podcast


Monthly, and covering all the areas that Amazon specialise in. On the .com site only so far - will they bring in local versions of it?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Chevy Tahoe - UserGenerated Gone Wrong?

Chevy decided to allow users to create their own ads for the Tahoe, editing bits of film together into their own order, and adding their own captions.


The environmentalists, and later the pranksters jumped on board, and created some of their own:

For example:



Here (C word at the end)


Here (A bit surreal)

Here (Anti Bush)

Here (Very rude)

I'm not expecting these links to be live for long, but I suspect that some will get mirrored elsewhere on the net.

Update -

& they are - has set up a section of it's site to host it's own competition to make the best film (from their point of view). The page here features all of the entries to date, loaded into YouTube to make it harder to Chevy to get rid of them.

(With thanks to Simon Alexander)

Further Update (6th April)

The rudest seem to have been removed, but the environmental ones remain. The policy still seems to be that they are happy to have encouraged debate.

My erstwhile colleague Cory is very impressed with their attitude in his blog.

"First of all, i love that Chevy is allowing these ads to stay on the site. They are recognizing that the brand needs to be fair to all points of view and I commend them for it.

I also think they are being very smart in identifying that the audience is in control and they are trusting them. Now, if they react the correct way, we'll start to see them championing a new line of eco-friendly SUV's."

Also, MarketingVox has some stats:

"Users have submitted more than 21,000 ads and have emailed ads over 40,000 times; the site has generated 2.4 million pageviews; and the average visit to the site lasts more than 9 minutes"

Another update -
Some are now on YouTube
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