Monday, October 08, 2007

Two New Stop Motion Ads - Human Flipbook and Sony Bravia

You wait ages for a stop motion ad to come along - and then two come along at once:

First is the Human Flipbook for the Erbert & Gerbert sandwich chain in the US which is such a perfect idea. In it a story is told by using t-shirts instead of pages in a flipbook, with 150 shirts being shot one after each other. This is brilliantly executed, and they've also done a making of video, but the actual story in the flip book is a bit of a let down (which is often true of flipbooks). You're really far more interested in the shirts than the story.

Second is the new ad for Sony Bravia in their 'Colour Like No Other' series using play-doh rabbits in New York, and using She's a Rainbow, a relatively unknown Brian Jones era Rolling Stones song, as the soundtrack. While this is visually stunning, it's less innovative and a less brilliant idea than the t-shirts, but it's still completely wonderful.

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