Friday, March 28, 2008

South Park - Sorry England

Last week South Park put nearly all the episodes up online for free (ad supported) online viewing and download. Hurrah!

But, as with lots of these things (Hulu, films on iTunes etc) it is not yet available outside the US. However I'm almost tempted to forgive them thanks to this picture you get when you try to watch from an English IP address. (Click on 'Watch Full Episodes')

Have they made special ones for Scotland, France, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Hungary etc? I'd love to know!

Update - some other pictures:

Thanks Brett!


Anonymous said...

Nice find, Dan. And I was pleased to find that they have one for Australia (

Anonymous said...

There is one from France and other from Scandinavia.

Unknown said...

Us in Scotland just get that "Sorry England" one lol.

Obviously we're not important enough to get a special one, so we have to make do with the England one lol.

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