Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Facebook Lexicon

I love the old Facebook Lexicon, and guess what, I'm pretty positive about the new updated version too.

The original Lexicon allowed you to look at the relative volume of mentions for different terms on people's Facebook 'Walls'. The new Lexicon allows you to look at lots of the granularity behind that data for key terms.

So far the list is pretty limited, and very US-centric (Obama, McCain, Baseball, Hockey , etc) and I expect that they'll be offering a paid service to marketers to look at custom lists.

The new Lexicon allows you at terms, or combinations of terms to see the demographics of the people using the terms, associations of different terms with the chosen term (e.g. Obama and Democrat), the Sentiment of the term (so what percent of mentions are positive), the pulse (what other things people write about), and Maps (US, UK & Canada only) of where the people writing about the terms live.

In this example we can see that for people percent of mentions of Obama or McCain that are positive over time:

& this one shows that sentiment for Palin has been falling since she entered the race (at a very high level), but is still above McCain:

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Nick Burcher said...

The original Lexicon gave some interesting insight eg being able to track the buzz around promotional activity (type 'Skittles' or 'Dr. Pepper' into it and you'll see what I mean), however I agree that the New Lexicon looks much better! (Especially the fact that users will be able to seperate out US, Canada and UK.)

I had a play with the different data around 'Palin' at the weekend and found it interesting - especially being able to look at the difference between male and female demographics - New Lexicon analysis of 'Palin'

I hope they open it up properly soon!

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