Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ben & Jerry's on Facebook Connect

An example of how Facebook Connect is slowly spreading around the web.

Facebook Connect is a way of integrating sites with Facebook. In a way it's a direct reversal of Facebook Applications, where a site would effectively appear in mini form on Facebook; with Facebook Connect, Facebook functionality appears on other sites.

In this case people can use their Facebook details to log into the flavours section of Ben & Jerry's site (what - no Phish Food?), choose their favourite flavour, then post it to their Facebook profile. Two years ago this would have been a Facebook App, now it uses Facebook Connect.

See the screenshots below; visit Facebook for more details:

Log in through Facebook Connect:

Post your favourite flavour to Facebook:

Taken from Facebook's new 'Marketing' page, where they are sharing case studies.

1 comment:

Simon said...

I think they had to remove phish food as a condition of joining FB connect - otherwise they'd be accused of internet fraud/data theft (bum-tish, I thank you)

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