Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pencil Rebel

Pencil Rebel is an absolutely gorgeous game produced by Grzegorz Kozakiewicz at Model No.1. Visually it looks amazing, and when you see the making-of video, or read into how they made it, you can that it's all based on handmade models that they've photographed and then animated. The production process reminds me a lot of Wallace & Gromit.

Making of Pencil Rebel 2 - Documentary from Pencil Rebel on Vimeo.

You play Bert. The aim of the game is to find items in different rooms, and then free Dr Esculap from captivity. Some bits are easy (translation - I could work them out), some are hard (translation - I couldn't. Just couldn't work out the combination to open the fridge). This is a brilliant piece of work, and deserves all of the awards that it has won.

Kids will love it, as will parents. It's the perfect illustration of the idea that games can be just as good for kids as books.

Oh - and Model No.1 have also made this amazing website for Vivid Display, which also deserves your attention

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Anonymous said...

It's not a fridge, it is a mobile phone :) find the way to open it :) not necessarily in this room :)

Dan said...

Well ok. I know that it's based on the beebs that come out of the radio in the room next door, but when I get back to the phone I can't quite get the pattern from the sounds of the keys. I know it's three pulses of two, then a single pulse, but beyond that...

Anonymous said...

well, if you have elephant ear than you need to find alternative way - find the secret with a code :). clue - The phone can be slide out and slide in.

Dan said...

I'll try.
Call me Jumbo!

Anonymous said...

haha :)) I'm sure you will figure it out. This level is half way to the end of the game.

if not - let me know.

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