Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shareable Ads

Why can't ads be more social? This is a thought that came from the Yahoo 'Digital Memories' event at the Soho Hotel this morning. Laura Chaibi, Yahoo's heard of EU Research & Insight, presented some findings showing that in the digital age people were finding that they were remembering less and less, and finding ways of setting up prompts. Examples given included emailing yourself with reminders, setting reminders on mobile phones etc. From Laura's research, lots of people claim to find it harder to remember things than before, and are developing several work-arounds using digital.

She then led onto asking what needs to be done in online advertising to make ads saveable, or to develop some other work around to help people remember the ones that they want to. She showed mock ups of that might be possible - and indeed here's an example (that she didn't show) of a 'share me' function on a video ad:

There was also discussion of how this could work - add buttons to the bottom of ads to save, email, share via Facebook and so on. You could start an initiative through the IAB for publishers to adopt this, and even give the extra space at the bottom of an ad (say 10 pixels) for free as part of the ad booking.

However the thing that occurred to me (& I asked this as a question) was that it was more a case of saving the destination page, not the ad. I'm not that interested in what the ad was saying, or looked like - I'm more interested in the outcome of it.

Ironically Yahoo has the power to own this space, as they bought Delicious a few years ago. Delicious is a social bookmarking site, and lets you save online pages to look at later. I'm a very enthusiastic user. I use it a lot for work and non-work things - for example this set of items is for things I might want to buy either for myself or for Christmas presents, and this set is things I want to either do, or look at at the weekend.

If Yahoo developed a lighter, easier to use version for ads it could be really popular. It would let people save ads or destinations, and the data that Yahoo would have access to would be fascinating - people who liked this ad or brand also like this one etc.

But if they don't... Ad-saving seems like an obvious feature for Google to add to Chrome.


Matt Bamford-Bowes said...

D C-izzle. Am really glad you made those points about Delicious. Yahoo have never seemed to pay it any attention and I have constantly asked them for ways of creating bespoke opportunities within it. Everytime I am just told, we don't monetise it or "nobody uses it in the UK".

I like the idea of the bookmarking. We actually did this in-ad for Philips in the US, so you could actually bookmark the end destination from within ad. Lovely!

Unknown said...

Good post - I can see features that like working really well if we have open and common data formats - so you can add a new brand of beer to your shopping basket on (insert supermarket site) or plop the nearest dry cleaners into our map/local app

Anonymous said...

yup, agreed. there's a company getting some traction at the moment in this space. they have had several campaigns out of major agencies now. it's main product (IMU) is a 300 x 250 interactive unit that has video etc but you can add to soc networking site. nothing patentable and using all standard stuff but they seem to be getting a load of booking. it's live at the moment of for vodafone. Josh and JP Haller are you folks for this :) jon Bhood.

Dan said...

Wow - 3 comments in under an hour!

Re the ThisIsOpen plug, I'd always thought that they were more widgets rather than than ads...

But then adverts are content, and should be shareable in the same way.

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