Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Zaarly's Button

It's one thing to have an app, a venue on Foursquare, a Pinterest page, an Instagram account...  But can you get a button?

This is what Zaarly have managed to do.  Zaarly is a local services company that you can use in the US to find someone to do (pretty much) any service for you from painting to dog walking to cooking.

Zaarly have now placed a button (they call it Zaarly Anywhere) on several sites alongside the existing sharing & bookmarking buttons to ask for people on Zaarly to help with related tasks.

The example sites they give on their blog are The Fancy, Remodelaholic, Cookstr, Simplified Building, Everyday Health, Ikea Hackers

A concrete example:  You like this modified table on Ikea Hackers, but you lack the time or skills to do it yourself - so you click the button, and it makes a posting on your local Zaarly to try to find someone to help.

Or, you like this recipe on Cookstr, but you'd actually like someone to cook it for you.

(Sadly it's not yet available in the UK)

More at the Zaarly blog.

Very impressive!

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