Friday, October 10, 2014

Scanning Photos

There's an interesting article today on Marketing about the work of Ditto Labs, who work with brands to identify logos in pictures.  A few years ago this would have been used to detect fake merchandise and improper use, but now more creative uses are emerging:

"It is already working with one of Coca-Cola’s US agencies, Nissan and Michael Kors. Rival Curalate operates in the same space, scanning Pinterest and Tumblr on behalf of brands such as Gap and Urban Outfitters.
"Brands are using this for three reasons," Rose told Marketing. "One reason is in the way brands would do a focus group, they want to see how their product is actually being used in the wild, who’s using it, where - they want to understand usage occasion.
"The second is being able to look at a competitive set; how often is my product being used, and where versus my competitors.""

A good example of how unlikely things can be measured, and this measurement turned into actionable insights

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