Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zola, Jess and Jarrett too

I've debated over posting this.  It's not particularly relevant to this blog (to put it mildly) but it's a good illustration of why Twitter is sometimes the best party, the best fun.

It's a long, rambling tale of a Hooters' waitress's wild weekend in Florida, and all the far out scrapes that she gets into.  It's quite extraordinary - it would make a good film.  No dodgy pictures in it, but quite a lot of 'adult content from the outset and throughout', as they'd say in Geordie Shore.

Read it on Storify here:

(Or on Imgur here)

The Tweets have since been deleted, but Zola's account is still active.

It's remarkable for being one of the first things I've seen for a while to come from nowhere and go properly viral, without any sort of feature in the mainstream press - even BuzzFeed haven't mentioned it - because it refers to crimes (a lot) and some of the people must be (quite) easily identifiable.

(Update - Complex has now written about it, pasting in the entire story)

(Update - BuzzFeed now has it too - looking at Twitter's reaction to it)

(Update - The Daily Mail's report ties it to a reaction from the director of the film Selma)

However it's been trending on Twitter all day - Twitter seem to think that 'Zola' is trending because of the footballer, and so on.

It's also spawned lots of memes, for example


& casting debates

Update - Washington Post's account of the events, with court documents etc

(There are now lots of blog posts, Reddit discussions and more that I'm not going to link to - it goes to show that these days it's very hard not to leave a trail and a permanent record of what has happened)

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