Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ona Tousun Côté Foot's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Football Game

Ona Tousun Côté Foot, a football community created by Credit Agricole, the French financial cooperative, who is a sponsor of Euro 2016, has done a lovely little 'choose your own adventure' thing on Twitter, using football vines.

This is the first tweet - you reply with either #Pass or #Run

(Sadly the vines don't seem to work embedded - see it here)

I replied #Run and got this Tweet & vine back:

I then decided to #Dribble - I wasn't going to share the ball - but then got this Tweet and vine back:


What a fun little thing!  Clearly pretty easy to set up, but what a great idea.  If you get all the way through you get a chance to win Euro 2016 tickets.

Play it yourself by starting here

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