Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NYT's VR & 360° Film for Lincoln in the Bardo

The NYT continues to innovate in VR and 360° video.

This example is a 10 minute film produced for the new novel Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders - which is getting lots of buzz, and is likely, I think, to pick up lots of awards and be a bestseller across the world.

What's also interesting is that this shows (in a way) where we are with VR.  It's being used for interesting projects, but this is something that is actually a play for voices with a few added effects.

Yes, there are lots of VR games and the PlayStation VR has done well at 1m units of so sold since the end of last year, but it's not mainstream or massively popular - yet.  We haven't yet had a Pokemon GO, a Chewbacca Mask Woman, or a 'Skype Interview Kids' moment for VR.

Also, a quick comment about this blog.  I'm conscious that I've been updating less than I used to, and I'm also conscious that the original purpose of this blog - to find interesting digital marketing examples - has pretty much disappeared.  I'm thinking of a couple of new directions for it; one, to look at media share price charts, and offer commentary on them (which I don't thing anyone else is doing), and two, to write about interesting new companies that I've come across.  Maybe I should try alternating both.

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