Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More on iPod & U2 - the Digital Box Set

This is the way things will go with digital music - packaging things up together to enable a service like iTunes, normally used by people to selectively pick the songs that you want, and leave the fillers behind (essential in U2's case, I would have thought...), to let people buy EVERYTHING at a reduced price, plus exclusives, and even a digital booklet on PDF offering artwork, track listings, and band commentary.

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Anonymous said...

Hello all, how are tricks back in dear old blighty? Have fun at the party
tonight, I'll be thinking of you all as I gnaw on frozen Bratwurst and rub
my frozen joints with Gluwein....

I'm not sure about this Dan, the 'joy' of buying a box set is to actual own
the thing in all its physical glory complete with special artwork, booklets,
fancy box, etc. (Not that there is much joy to be had in owning the U2 past
Getting these extras as a pdf to print out at home just doesn't cut it.
Having the music in digital form just brings home the fact that you could
have cut all the crap and just downloaded what you like.

For the future of digital retail (esp. music & movies) see 'The Long Tail'
from October's Wired. The advantage the online retailers have is that they
can make a profit from selling just a few of even the most obscure tracks
that traditional stores can't afford to stock.

Isn't the U2 box set just about tying Apple in with U2 to increase both
brands credibility? Unfortunately for Apple I would have thought it is U2
who are getting all the benefit from this. The U2 iPod looks crap and they
couldn't be bothered doing the earphones in black to match. As for those
people who have spent 150 euros on the 'virtual' box set, well tonight thank
God it's them instead of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (I'll get my coat)

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