Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Domino's Pizza & QR codes

Domino's Pizza have started to use QR codes - I had the following flyer pushed through my letterbox at the weekend:

If you read the code on your phone you get sent to the page to download the Domino's mobile app; from there you can order it easily.

Domino's have often been leaders in technology - they sponsored The Simpsons on TV in the early days of TV sponsorship, they do lots of Facebook, they have a very successful mobile app, and they actively use Foursquare.

The problems that have always hindered QR code adoption in this country are now receding.  According to comScore nearly 60% of men 25-34 in the UK now have a smartphone, and most are capable of reading QR codes although many require you to download a special app.

I think that this is one (more) sign that QR codes are finally going mainstream in the UK.

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