Friday, January 07, 2005

Volvo XC90 V8 Site - Online Competitive Comparison

Volvo have launched a new site to promote their new XC90 V8 SUV, prior to a full TV campaign etc.
The site itself is not all that innovative, but one area allows you to make a direct comparison with other SUVs.

This is something I have also seen on another US auto site - Saturn also allows you to compare with other marques.

Interesting examples of manufacturer sites impinging on the territory of the 3rd party sites (Autotrader etc)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, but there are a few cheap shots in there. It's not surprising that the Volvo is the only one with 'Premair (R)' for example, as I assume this is a Volvo technology.

Also, where are Landrover? There absence is highly suspicious when you are comparing this type of vehicle...

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