Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ford - The first consumer brand on Google Plus

Ford has just appeared on the new social network, Google Plus, making it (as far as I know) the first consumer brand to use the site.  See their page here.

So far it's pretty mundane - one competition, some 'travel survival tips'.  With only about 150 'Fans' or 'Followers'  (we need to find a new word).

Overall I really like Goolke Plus.  It's clean, and it makes sense to differentiate people that you know.  I'm not sure it'll command lots of my time, but it's an interesting addition to the landscape.

Being a Google product, you know that it'll get a lot more comprehensive over time.

PS - other corporate entities on Google+ include Mashable and the British agency Made by Many


@adigoodsell said...

Not sure about this... Mashable and The Next Web have both been on Google+ since very early on. They come in #13 and #27 of most followed users - http://socialstatistics.com/

Dan said...

Yes, but that's why I said it was the first consumer brand. Mashable and The Next Web are brands, but not consumer brands (selling things to consumers)

@adigoodsell said...

Fair point, well made! :)

Evidence80 said...

The first consumer brand on Google+ is Webank, an Italian online bank: https://plus.google.com/107233724783673527534/

Josh said...

This story misleading. First, the Ford profile is set up just like any other personal Google+ profile. It is not an 'entity' profile, which Google will be testing later this year. It is also not the "first brand" on Google+ by a long shot.

Dan said...

Again, what I said was that it was the first 'consumer' brand. If you know of lots of others please send me a list, or mention them as Evidence80 did.
Second, while it's not a full 'company' profile, they are using the 'Ford' account to run competitions and do similar things to what companies do on Twitter and Facebook, so I still think that it's an interesting example.

Anonymous said...

your title then is misleading,
Ford - The first brand on Google Plus
should be:
Ford - The first consumer brand on Google Plus

Dan said...

Good point - I've now changed the title.
Thanks for the comments!

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