Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pepsi turns VC & mentor with the PepsiCo10

This is a very smart idea. Pepsi are teaming up with Mashable and Highland Capital Partners to select and mentor 10 new companies.

I've written before about the benefits of working with new companies and start-ups. Brands and agencies can do cool cutting edge projects, and build relationships with really interesting new companies in their very early days. Don't forget that Twitter is only 3 years old, and Foursquare is only one. Try getting in touch with them; it's pretty hard!

Pepsi are going to select 10 companies in total across 4 areas -

The Social Media & Marketing Revolution
Mobile Marketing: On the Phone and Beyond

Place-Based and Retail Experiential Marketing: Be Where Your Customers Are
Digital Video and Gaming

The winners get to be mentored by experienced experts, Pepsi get early access to their technologies for future campaigns.

Keep an eye out for cool stuff in about 9 months, I reckon.

Via Forbes

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