Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome to Sligo

This site and everything around it is amazing.

Supposedly entirely the creation of Aine Chambers, it is one woman's mission to tell the world about the joys of Sligo in Ireland.

It's all very bizarre. For example her videos.

So -

1 - is it completely real? If so why does it look so wonderfully amateurish, but actually work really well? & has she created something completely compelling purely by accident?

2 - is it a front for a commercial organisation? If so, how much would they have to pay someone to make this much of a spectacle of herself?

It's certainly the most entertaining site I've seen for months.

Update - I'm beginning to suspect it is 'real' - especially after seeing this Geocities version of the site. So - hats off to Aine - & let's all go to Sligo!


Anonymous said...

Aine and Sligo Zone seem to have disappeared. My favourite pic was the one taken of our girl in a white bikini

Dan said...

The Geocities version is still live:

Aine, I hope that everything is ok with you and with Sligo.

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