Thursday, July 17, 2008

Walkers Do Me A Flavour

Slightly similar to last week's Absolut Los Angeles, comes this new campaign from Walkers crisps in the UK that also uses the idea of producing small batches of limited edition flavours.

Rather than base flavours on cities, as Absolut has done (because that would be asking for trouble, frankly), Walkers are asking consumers to think of a brand new flavour, and upload a picture for inspiration.

Walkers will then make the 6 they think are the most promising (judges include Heston Blumenthal), and the public then get to vote with their wallets to pick the best.

The proposer of the eventual chosen new flavour will get £50,000, plus a royalty of 1% of future sales of the crisps. The other 5 finalists will get £10,000 each.

Very neat!

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