Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jeff Buckley for Christmas No. 1

This would be a great summation of the year in digital in the UK.

The TV show X Factor finished on Saturday, with the winner releasing a version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and immediately making her dead cert to be the UK Christmas no. 1 single. (This is a big deal in the UK - there is a very long tradition of bands trying to be the Christmas number one, but in recent years it's been dominated by reality show winners).

There is now a movement, focussed on a Facebook group, to make Jeff Buckley's version the number one instead. This is easily possible, because Buckley's record company do not need to physically release it - digital sales count.

Buy it from iTunes here

In a year that Facebook has established a strong position in the UK psyche (everything has a Facebook group, every news story has led to activity on Facebook), this would be a very fitting outcome.

(I actually prefer the Leonard Cohen version, but a movement is a movement...)

Thanks to David Cushman for the tip off!

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