Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Times Plus

Times Plus is an attempt by the Times and Sunday Times to monetise their readership. For £50 a year, or for free if they have a subscription to the newspaper, readers get special offers and special events. As a brand The Times will have great power in negotiating deals, and there are lots of unsold concert and theatre tickets, and lots of remaindered books that need shifting... (In fact, a friend's brother is a member of a list that gives him free theatre tickets at about 24 hours notice, on the condition that he has to turn up - so he gets in free to see a show, the show appears to be sold out, and everyone's happy. But - he has to go to the show, or he gets taken off the list)

Times Plus seems like a great idea, and I'm surprised more media companies haven't done it. The Guardian sponsors many events, like Glastonbury, and has a very strong community of readers. I expect them to do something very similar soon.

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