Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cadbury Creme Egg online competition

The start of January means that Cadbury Creme Eggs go on sale again in the UK.

This year they're trying an ambitious online treasure hunt, with hundreds of creme eggs, supposedly escapees from the lorry taking them to the shops, hidden online. Find one - each one has a bump on the head - input its code number, and you can win prizes, including a trip to New York.

More here.

The eggs will be hidden in banners, on MSN pages, on Facebook and on the Creme Egg site.

In addition the Facebook page will be posting regular teasers, where you have to guess the identity of 'lost' eggs. E.g. "Goo am I? Clue #1: I was born in Northampton in 1982" (Answer Matt Smith, the new Dr Goo - geddit?)

Happy hunting!

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