Monday, January 25, 2010

Dockers use Shazam in their new TV campaign

I really like this: Levi's brand Dockers are using the Shazam music recognition app in their new American TV campaign.

Shazam is a service that recognises music playing - so if you're in a pub or watching TV and you hear a great tune, you can find out what it is. (I used it to identify Machine Gun by The Commodores that was playing in the film The Kid Stays in the Picture)

When mobile owners use Shazam to identify the music in the new Dockers ad with the mobile app they get taken to a Dockers branded content page, where they can find out more about Dockers, register for giveaways and so on.

The song used is a version of this one - I Wear No Pants by the Poxie Boggards

Update - 8th February - & here (finally) is the Dockers ad:

A really innovative use of the technology!

Mediapost has the full story here.

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Promotional Products said...

Love Shazam... I hope it continues to gain users, so they continue to broaden the number of songs it can identify.

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