Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Google puts banner ads on image search

Spotted in the wild by colleagues - Google is now putting banner ads on some image searches.

For example 'John Wayne'

Or 'London'

The banners don't show up on the main search page, just on the Images page.  I guess the reasoning is that people looking for images aren't going to be freaked out by banner ads.

There seems to be no targeting on general terms like these - 'Flightworx' has no relevance to 'John Wayne', and Car hire in the Canary Islands clearly has no relevance for a search on London - but for other, more commercial terms like 'Power Drill' you get shopping ads with a small picture, plus an ad promoting the Image ads service.

Read more about it here.

(Yes, I am using RockMelt.  I like it...)

1 comment:

Pablo Edwards said...

I noticed ads the other day during a search. I guess Google is trying to recoup some of their money lost in Buzz and the cellular world.

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