Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Media Milestones of 2010

Following on from last year's list:

Jan – Google introduce the Nexus One phone

Feb – Facebook hits 400m members, and celebrates its 6th birthday
Feb – Google launches Buzz to general indifference
Feb – The Super Bowl was the most watched programme in US TV history
Feb – 690m Valentines gifts were given on Farmville

Mar – Facebook overtook Google to become the most visited website in the US
Mar – Facebook changes ‘Fan’ to ‘Like’
Mar – 24 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube each minute

Apr – iPad launched, 200,000 sold on the first day
Apr – iAds and Promoted tweets announced
Apr – Twitter 106 million accounts
Apr – Facebook allows other sites to integrate the ‘Like’ button, 50,000 do in the first week
Apr – Foursquare hits a million users

May – 94% of UK homes have digital TV
May – YouTube celebrates its fifth birthday; now serving 2bn video views a day
May – Global smartphone sales rose 49% year on year

Jun – iPhone 4 launched, suffers technical issues, but still sells 1,7 units in 3 days
Jun – The World Cup breaks internet traffic records (Akamai)

Jul – Old Spice ‘Responses’ campaign generates nearly 6m video views in 2 days
Jul – Facebook hits 500m users
Jul – Opera’s mobile brower serves a billion page views a day

Aug – Facebook launches the ‘Places’ mobile app

Sep – Google launches Instant Search
Sept – Halo: Reach generates $200m in revenue in the first 24 hours

Oct – Lady Gaga becomes the first musician to achieve 1 billion views on YouTube

Nov – Facebook launches ‘Deals’ in the US
Nov – new browser RockMet launches
Nov – 35 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube each minute

Dec – Word Lens mobile translation launches
Dec – Twitter announces 100m new accounts in 2010, and new investment values Twitter at $3.7bn


Pablo Edwards said...

I think Facebook adding all of their new features takes the cake for biggest milestones. They are crushing the competition and sending them into oblivion.

Annoymous said...

i completely agree with you pablo.

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